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Step 7: Lets Win

What is the goal of work and efforts in general? And what is the objective of institutions and companies? and all that has been founded or accomplished commercially and economically?

Isn't Profit (Rebeh in Arabic) one of the most important goals?

And what do countries and governments do in the fields of economy, investments, and capitals employment? Why do we take for granted of all obtainable and available human resources and powers? Is it not of the most important goals to make Profit?

Why do we produce, plant, trade, and do business? Is it not of the most important goals to make Profit?

Doesn't Profit mean descent life.. doesn't it mean a successful and brilliant future.. doesn't it mean the ability of attaining expectations and dreams.. doesn't it mean power and supremacy.

This is what we believe in at Rebeh for Investments, and work hard and continuously using all our efforts and abilities with the help of Allah to reach our goals in shortest time possible through legitimate investment and commercial channels based on our rightful principals and ethics.

"And say (unto them): Act! Allah will behold your actions, and (so will) His messenger and the believers" (Holy Quran 9-105)

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