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Step 3: Lets Study

Rebeh for Investments is concerned in providing the unsurpassed information exchange means among all parties of the investment in order to gather and realize its particulars. This is accomplished using special electronic forms which provide us with ability to conduct the necessary conversation needed to study, analyze, and discuss the information and to explore the possibilities of implementing it.

These electronic forms are:

1. Capitalists Form.
2. Project Entrepreneurs Form.
3. Manufacturers and Vendors Form.

The investor starts by easily filling the appropriate form and submitting it to Rebeh for Investments, which will acknowledge information receipt via e-mail immediately. Afterward, Rebeh will determine time duration needed for fetching, analyzing, and thoroughly examining these datum.

From there, the investor will be directly informed what has been concluded, initiating a professional conversation to discuss feasibility and finest details, to reveal resources available for implementation, and to confer and present any adjustments required to put into practice, apply, and serve this "Investment".

Next Step, Lets Plan
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