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Rebeh Project R002-2002 (Establishing and Running a Print Press)

Project Code:R002-2002
Description:Establishing and Running a Print Press
Necessity Extent:High and Essential
Required Budget:Starting from JD 50.000 = US$ 70.600 to establish Main Departments (Printing, Montage, Photocopy, and Binding), can be increased to include other departments such as Color Separation.
Implementation Time:3 Months
Project Life Expectancy:Undetermined - Open
Preferred Startup:As Soon As Possible
Preferred Location:Jordan/Amman
Required Manpower:Number of Employees (Starting from 15) - Organizational Structure (Printing: 5, Montage: 2, Photocopy: 1, Binding: 4, Administration and Accounting: 2, Services: 1) - Manpower Availability (Easily Obtainable).
Feasibility Study:Net Profit starting from JD 36.000 = US$ 50.847 for first year, and JD 60.000 = US$ 84.745 for every year after.
Laws and Regulations:Current Local Laws (5 Years Double Exemption, Income Tax, Annual Licenses "Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Municipality") - Cash Payments, No Debts - Contracts: 50% at Signing - 50% at Delivery.
Anticipated Earnings:Financial Profits, Employing Labor, Entering New Markets by establishing branches in other countries, etc.
Competition Prospects:High Competition like all other fields, but we bet on quality of service, customer support, and competitive prices.
Losses Worst Probability:Very Low as Capital is mostly Fixed Assets which could be reimbursed when required.
Losses Precautions:Contracts Fair Termination, Repatriation of Assests.
Management and Operation:Management in such field is considered to be simple and straightforward.
Service Details:Printing all that can be printed.
Preliminary Marketing Plan:Quality Product is best Self Promoter - Employing Advertising Representatives (Direct Link with Customers) - Traditional Advertisement - Personal Relationships of Project Owners and Employees.
Documenting Rebeh Liabilities and Responsibilities, Mutual Interest, and Relationship Nature among all parties legally:

1. Equal Partnership: 50% for Capitalist and 50% for Rebeh in return for establishing, managing, and running the project.
2. Overhead Price: Capitalist pays Rebeh JD 30.000 = US$ 42.372 in return for establishing and operating the project.

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