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Rebeh Profile

Rebeh for Investments was established in Amman, Jordan at the end of year 2001 as an outcome of convergence of specialized expertise in the fields of investment, planning, implementation, and utilizing capitals in order to achieve the greatest ROIs (Returns on Investments).

Mr. AbdulRahim HasanThe concept owner of this pioneering venture, Mr. AbdulRahim Hasan, a Jordanian businessman who has started his business in Jordan since 1993, heads this establishment. He has accomplished various successes in the investment field especially in import, marketing, and launching service enterprises.

His present ambition is to employ capitals and launch ideas and investment ventures at an International level in order to achieve the following goals:

1. Attaining the highest possible revenue for all concerned parties.
2. Planning and implementing special ventures with excellent performance and high quality products while laying emphasis on ventures of necessity and need.
3. Putting the highest number of a labor task force into work and elevating their standard of living.
4. Employing the available and unexploited resources and completely making out the most of them.

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